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I build solutions, not invoices.

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Front End Engineering

Angular 1 and Angular 2 (now 4) based HTML5 web applications. Ionic based mobile hybrid apps. Other JavaScript frameworks also covered. Material Design based frameworks such as Materialize, Angular Material and MDL (Material Design Lite). Sass is employed for maintainable CSS.

Consultation & Delivery Management

I offer consultation services to establish technical resource requirements and to manage alignment of technical delivery to customer requirements.

Back End

Java 8 based RESTful API's. PHP based (Laravel, Wordpress and custom frameworks). Django (Python based framework). Grails (Groovy) based backends using Hibernate, Spring Framework)

Solution Design

Interfacing with business to offer technical delivery through sound solution design based on sound architecture patterns.

WEB Styling & Theming

Need a UX design converted to a web site theme? Have an existing WEB theme in need of some CSS luv? That's what I do, let's talk.

Technical Debt

On the front end: Advanced JavaScript solutions, code improvements and resolving technical debt. On the back end: Advanced Java, PHP and Groovy solutions to resolve technical debt and optimize code for better scale ability, maintainability and less 'code-smells'.  

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I specialize in progressive web solutions for small, medium and large clients (large clients tend to have specific regulatory requirements which requires one with a corporate background to understand and align with). Full-stack with a strong solution architecture background, but currently focusing mostly on contemporary front end engineering concepts front styling to frameworks used and integration to existing back end systems (sometimes fixing issues on back ends if that's what it takes to build a sound solution).

Customer Feedback

Reputation earned so far

Reputation earned by delivering real value is key. Wondering what it's like working with me? Read some recent customer feedback to get an idea.

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Locality and availability

I'm based out of Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa. Willing to travel and work quite efficiently remotely as well. I'm available to discuss what services you require from me.


For some of my photography, visit my gallery or my 500px profile.

Marius Conradie
A freelance full stack web developer and solutions architect based in Johannesburg, South Africa.