Marius Conradie
A solutions architect, full stack developer and photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


This is my photography, this is what I see.

I'm starting to feel more drawn to street photography and carefully chosen abstract photography. There's a challenge in seeing more than the normal in the streets.

Abstract for the sake of abstract can be dangerously uninteresting. Unless one works on seeing differently, imagining a story's lead in paragraph unfolding in the final image and using post processing as the headline chosen carefully but not mechanically.

And developing one's own style and perspective means going through a learning curve. Not everything works for everything.

Yet one won't discover it without exposure, without trying, without framing it.

Cape minstrel carnival 2017

With soo many photographers running around doing Spider-Man moves to prop themselves for the perfect shot down the street I decided on focus on the people enjoying the carnival.

A group of old ladies who've seen quite a few of the annual carnivals.

Everywhere you walked there were crowds finding any means they could to get a clear view. Some have been camping there since the day before to secure a street side spot.

Road trip up west coast: A truck burnt out

I came across a truck burning out on the roadside while everyone watched on helplessly, waiting for the fire department to arrive from the nearest remote town.

Vehicles on the other side didn't want to cross through the smoke fearing the truck might explode any moment.

First the police arrived, took the statement of the driver who escaped the fire.

Then finally, the fire department arrived from the opposite town.

A quick road trip visit to paarl near cape town to see the 'Taal monument' (Language museum)

"Die Taal Monument" museum in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

Experimental abstraction inside the same museum.

more to come

I'm experimenting with getting back into photography. This time I'm more drawn to street photography and photo journalism, but it's been a long while since the last time. So I'm starting this up slowly trying to catch up on the photos taken and picking the ones that grow closer and closer to what I want to show.


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